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Summer Courses

Slovak Summer Cources

For people living in Slovakia, the Slovak language courses will improve their level of knowledge, allow to overcome the language barrier, to help understand the mentality of the Slovaks, because courses are not only about speaking, but also include the familiarity with  the traditions and the study of cultural values of the country. Customers choose our courses, because there is no equivalent in Slovakia. The courses we offer are communicative; they start every Monday in July and August, and are focused mainly on communication.

To apply for a course, it is desirable to estimate your language level, having passed the test to determine the level of language that will help you choose the best language course or programme at our school. The average duration of the test is 45 minutes. At the end of the test, you will find out the correct answers and the determination of your level. If you have not started learning the Slovak language yet, choose the beginner´s level, which can be automatically inserted in the questionnaire.

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The basis of our courses is the attitude of famous language schools, particularly schools in Malta, where English is studied. Monday begins with a warm-up and common everyday life situations conversation, from Tuesday to Thursday some chapters from the textbook of the Slovak language with an emphasis on the conversational topics.


How are the summer courses of the Slovak language held?

The advantage of our courses is the fact that we offer both morning and afternoon classes. In Slovakia, the main courses mainly start in the morning. We all know that there are owls and larks, so there is a possibility of afternoon training, which we see as a new advantageous opportunity in the offer at the market of language courses.

The Slovak language classes include:

  • learning grammar;
  • discussions;
  • reading;
  • participation in role-plays; • dialogues and monologues.

You can start training at the course on any Monday of the month with duration from 1 week to a few weeks. The course takes place from Monday to Thursday and classes last for 3-4 hours. The fourth hour is based on different interesting activities, including watching cartoons, movies, socializing with the residents of the country, drinking tea and explaining the nuances of living in Slovakia.

First 3 hours will be communicative with grammar elements relevant for use in communication. On Fridays writing tests is planned in order to identify the achieved level of students and to enroll new students.

Homework is not given. The advantage of our lessons is the possibility of active communication in Slovak language with native speakers. People from abroad living in their own diaspora in Slovakia regularly communicate in their own language, without developing their knowledge of Slovak. Summer courses are only a starting point for the development of a large-scale project aimed at organizing the annual and semi-annual courses of English and Slovak languages for foreigners in both intensive and semi - intensive form.

The idea of creating week - long courses appeared as a result of our poll among the foreign citizens living in Slovakia. Experienced Slovak language teachers have been participated in the development of the methodology of language learning for foreigners. Courses will be held in Bratislava on the second floor of the building 8, Lazaretska str.

Price: 119 euro for 1 week

ATTENTION! Pay only 99 euros for a week in a case of registration for 4 or more weeks!

Summer course start 9.07.2018 and finish 23.08.2018. You can start training at the course on any Monday of the month with duration from 1 week to a few weeks. Hurry up!

We offer classes to help foreigners living in the country to quickly integrate into the society, and foreign citizens only planning and choosing a place to move, to assess the country, learn the basics of the language and to get acquainted with the cultural characteristic features of Slovakia. This course will give Slovakia educated foreigners with new experience and ideas!

I have been working with this company for a long period of time and I'm sure they provide excellent services. I highly recommend to take the courses!
Sergey, Moscow
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