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for life, studies and business
for life, studies and business

ALMOST FREE! Courses of Slovak or English

Do you want to improve your Slovak or English?

You are a foreigner living in Slovakia, who needs to upgrade his language skills, but you can’t afford it to yourself?

It becomes possible with a contribution from the AK Foundation in the scholarship program "Už som tu" (I'm here)!

From the 17.09.2018 Language school iCan opens new semi-intensive courses of Slovak and English.

Price:                          70 € / month

Duration:                    17.09.2018 – 19.12. 2018

         2 hours twice a week (48 - 50 studying hours)


The schedule of the available courses:



You can apply for a financial contribution from Alona Kurotova Foundation in the Scholarship Program “Už som tu“, if you meet the following conditions:

-          You are a citizen of a foreign country.

-          You have a valid residence on the territory of the Slovak Republic for the purposes of study, business, employment, family reunification or tolerated stay.

-          The course will help you to improve your employability in the Slovak labor market and to integrate into the Slovak society.

-          To date, you have been unsuccessfully trying to find work in the Slovak Republic for 6 months, or your business is still unsuccessful.


The amount of the financial contribution ranges from 50% to 100% of the course price. (the specific amount of the discount will be assessed by the Commission on the basis of the applicant's social situation).

In case of your interest in the course, proceed as follows:

1.      Sign up for a course of Slovak or English at iCan School. Send the filled in application form to Download the Application form here.

2.      Ask for a contribution to the AC Foundation program in the program “Už som tu“ by completing the application we'd like to help you with.

3.      Prepare your motivation letter.

4.      Pay for the course the supplement after the financial contribution has been approved by the AK Foundation's Selection Committee if the amount of the contribution was less than the price of the course.


Deadline: 15th of October, 2018


Still hesitating? This is a unique chance!

Contact us:

Phone: +421 905 460 194



Program Coordinator: Ing. Tunegová Iveta

+421 908 306 504



I have been working with this company for a long period of time and I'm sure they provide excellent services. I highly recommend to take the courses!
Sergey, Moscow
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