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for life, studies and business
for life, studies and business

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Partnership programme of the "Language School iCan»

We invite you to cooperation!

A few words about us: "Private Language School iCan, Lazaretska 8" was registered with the Slovak Ministry of Education and is accredited by the Ministry of Education in Slovakia from 1998.
The main purpose of school is to provide students with a quality education in the field of English and Slovak language studies. The learning process takes place entirely on the territory of Slovakia, and the knowledge gained during the classes can be subsequently used at local schools and universities, as well as for business and everyday communication.
Partnership programme suggests that you recommend us new customers and receive a percentage of their payments for our educational services.
If you own a company or a website and are able to search for new customers on the Internet, the educational services of the "Language School iCan" are for you. Your task is to navigate people who want to immigrate to Europe to our site and tell them about the benefits of obtaining a residence permit on the basis of studying and living in Slovakia. Each client who was recommended by you and paid for the course provides you with a certain % of the course fee.
Participation in this partnership programme is suitable for those who have access to the people who want to move to Europe in order to receive European education, as well as improve their language skills.
If you already cooperate with educational institutions abroad or deal with visa and residence permits procession for European countries, then you can expand your services offer adding Slovakia to your list.
If the person interested in studying at our school, who was recommended by you, sends an application and pays for a course, then your account will be credited with the referral fee.
We will provide you with the brochures of our school, place your banner on our website in the section of partners and you will be also given the permission to place our banner on your website.

We are waiting for new partners and are ready to consider your options for cooperation!



Main partners:

SlovakiInvest Company is one of the leading players in the Slovak market of services for foreign customers and focuses on providing services related to immigration, nostrification, doing business in Slovakia.

iCan school students can sleep peacefully if the main partner of the school is in charge of completing all the formalities connected to moving abroad.


Company D.M.K. AUDIT s.r.o.  was founded in 1997 and licensed by the Slovak Chamber of Auditors. The company has established itself as a professional and reliable partner during cooperation with iCan School and her clients. D.M.K. AUDIT s.r.o. is the most experienced consultants in the tax for foreigners in Slovakia. D.M.K. AUDIT s.r.o. has a high degree of organization of employees and their willingness to respond quickly to any conditions that allows our students while studying or after it to do business or earn money by performing all the requirements of the tax legislation, with minimal cost and using all the bonuses.

I have been working with this company for a long period of time and I'm sure they provide excellent services. I highly recommend to take the courses!
Sergey, Moscow
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