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How can I get a college degree in Slovakia for free?

First of all, you need to know Slovak language, because free education is available only at public universities and only on the training programs in the Slovak language. You will also need apostilled translations of the certificate of the highest achieved education (certificate, bachelor's degree) for their further nostrification.


What is "nostrification" and where can I make it?

Nostrification is a procedure for recognizing educational documents of the foreign states. If you want to entrust this procedure to professionals, we advise you to contact our partners - the consulting company SlovakiaInvest. Book a free 20-minute consultation and we will answer all your questions.



Is it true that Slovak universities accept students without entrance examinations?

This is indeed so. Some specialties can be obtained on the basis of a competition of assessments for the previous 3 years. Please note that the diploma must be nostrified, and the extracts of estimates for previous years are translated into Slovak. If the chosen faculty is enrolled on the basis of entrance examinations, we will be glad to prepare you in framework of the program of preparation for admission to the university.


Where will I live during my studies?

Our school cooperates with several dormitories in Bratislava, as well as with a real estate agencies. We will be glad to help students of intensive and summer courses not only to find a place of residence according to their preferences, but also to communicate with the management of the hostel or the landlord.


What are the living costs in Bratislava?

Of course, it is difficult to generalize, because the needs of our students can be very different. Nevertheless, we will try to introduce you to the course of the main items of the monthly expenditure per person. Rental habitation: 80-450 euros (from a bed in a hostel to a one-room studio apartment); food: 60-100 euros; transport: 27 euros.


Can I choose a university already in the process of passing the course of preparation for admission to the university?

An important condition is that the student determines the choice of specialty in the first two months of the course. This is necessary because from November the language training courses will be supplemented with classes aimed at preparing students for the entrance exams for the chosen faculty. If you have already chosen the direction of training, we will be glad to help you with the choice of universities, recommending the best faculties.


Do you assist in the submission of documents to the university?

We inform our students about the terms of submission of documents for admission, as well as about all the requirements of the faculty. We help to create a competent resume and provide support at all stages of admission. Please note that the fee for applying for admission to the university is not included in the course fee and is paid by the student separately.


What is the difference between a national visa and residence permit?

A national visa is issued to students of language courses with an intensity of at least 25 hours a week. Obtaining such a visa takes much less time than issuing a residence permit. In addition, the requirements of the consulate are much simpler. Where to get a national visa: at the consulate of the Slovak Republic in the country of which you are a citizen. What documents should be attached to the application: international passport, admission letter, photo in 3 x 3.5 format, proof of hosting, medical insurance. You can obtain a national visa by becoming a student of the preparation course for university studies in Slovak, a general course of the Slovak or English for everyday communication, or four parts of the course for foreign doctors and nurses.


Can I get a discount on the course?

We gladly offer our regular and new customers various discounts and promotions. Follow the updates on social networks Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Vkontakte. Maybe right now we are giving a discount on the course you chose!


What language are classes conducted in?

From the very first lesson, the teacher will communicate with you in the language that you are studying. You will be pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of this method!


What should I do if no group courses are suitable for me?

iCan School can also offer you private lessons. The cost of one academic hour of private lessons for one person is 25 euros. You can also study with your friends, colleagues or family members. The cost of one academic hour for 1 person in a group of 2 students is 20 euros, in a group of 3 students - 15 euros.


Will I receive a certificate after completing the course?

The iCan school has been accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic since 1998. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate, which will indicate how many hours you have studied at the chosen course, as well as the materials of which language level were passed during your training. The certificate issued by us is accepted by organizations and firms that pay courses to their employees. The condition for issuing a certificate is attendance above 75%.


How many students are in the group?

The iCan school is ideal for anyone who is tired of spending a lot of time learning a language in large groups, where the teacher does not have time to give equal attention to all students. We open groups of 4 to 10 people, which positively affects the activity of all members of the group in the class. The school management reserves the right to increase slightly the number of students in the course in order to provide equal learning conditions for all comers.


Can I first attend the lesson before I pay the course?

You can not only attend, but also participate in the class! If you are having difficulty determining your own level of foreign language proficiency, we give you the option of a one-time trial lesson in each group you choose. This will help not only determine the level of the language, but also experience our methodology, get acquainted with the teachers and future classmates.
Attention: exceptions are courses on the basis of which the student will receive a national visa of the Slovak Republic.


Can your teachers teach in our company?

On this issue, write to the e-mail address In the message, specify the selected language, the number of students, their approximate level of language proficiency, as well as the time and intensity of the classes.


How can I pay for the course?

You can pay for the course in cash directly at the school, or via Internet banking. All the necessary details you will find on the invoice.



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