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Slovak for foreign doctors


This course is designed to prepare foreign doctors for an additional professional exam for physicians, after which you can continue your medical practice in the Slovak Republic, having received the nostrification of your education.

The course consists of 2 parts:

Part I

The General Slovak Language course, for the participants who have not reached a B1 level of Slovak.


 3 months, 360 study hours


 1699 €



Part II

Special Slovak Language Course is for foreign doctors who have reached B1 level of Slovak. If you have already reached a B1 level of Slovak, you can start the second part of the course.


 9 weeks, 36 study hours


 179 € - online

245 - full-time form



A general course of the Slovak language 1699 € + course of the professional Slovak medical language 245 € = 1944 €. Paying both parts of the program at once, you pay at a special rate - 1845 € for the entire course.


Dates of the course for foreign doctors for the 2020 school year:

Part II

 15.06.2020 - 15.08.2020

Part II

  15.08.2020 – 15.10.2020



Passing the course does not guarantee the successful passing of the professional exam, however, it significantly increases the chances of success!

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