Language school
Bratislava, Slovakia

Russian for children + music, 4-7 years old

Classes for Russian-speaking children and children from bilingual families.

Classes consist of two 45 minutes lessons:

  • Russian language and speech development. In the lesson, we develop speech and motor skills, get acquainted with letters and sounds, learn to read, master crafts, and play developmental games.
  • A musical lesson: learning and performing songs, playing percussion musical instruments (developing a sense of rhythm), moving to music accompaniment, music games.

Our course is arranged for children between 4,5 and 7 years old for whom Russian is first language or for children from bilingual families. 

Groups are formed according the age.


4.5 – 5.5 years old

5.5 – 7 years old.


Saturday, 09:45 - 11:25 

Lessons per week

1 (2 hours)

Price (semester, 5 months)

249 Euro


Up to 6 children

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