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Bratislava, Slovakia


We open the new group of intensive course of the Slovak language from 01.10.2017


For whom it can be useful:

This course is a good way to study Slovak as soon as possible for those who plan to:

-          study at the University in Slovakia using the Slovak language,

-          work in Slovak or international companies in Slovakia or abroad,

-          business in Slovakia.


Duration of the course:

01.10.2017 - 31.01.2018     4 months     price:  1479€  or 1519€ (preparation for University study)

01.02.2018 - 30.06.2018     5 months     price: 1849 € or 1899€ (preparation for University study)


How many hours a week?

At least 25 studying hours


How can you enroll:

1.      fill in the application on our web-site and send it on our e-mail address:

2.      pay for the course after you received the invoice

3.      get the decision of acceptation you to the course

4.      apply for a National Visa at the Slovak Embassy in your country

5.      attach all the necessary documents to the application for the National Visa

6.      after you get the visa come and study at iCan


Why National Visa is much more easy to get?

-          You can receive the National Visa after 10-30 days after applying.

-          The required documents for applying for the National Visa are: international passport, the decision of acceptation you to the course, medical insurance, photos 3*3.5.

-          You don't need to attach criminal records and financial coverage.

-          You are not made to take a doctor's examination at the Department of Exotic Diseases.


You can save your time and money while coming to Slovakia on National Visa!


Contact us:

Tel.:                +421 905 460 194


skype:             icanschool

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