Language school
Bratislava, Slovakia


Beginning of the year

Intensive and semi-intensive course of Slovak and English in September, as well as a course of preparation for study at a Slovak university.
English on Saturdays from September 21st, and also from October 7th on Mondays and Wednesdays with native speaker Damian Eastwood from Manchester.
• On October 21st, a special course for doctors began, preparation for the doctor's exam in Slovakia and the opportunity to work in their specialty.
• Halloween at iCan - contests in Slovak, workshops, prizes, and movie “Adams Family”.

What are we planning to do?

• Lecture on the Day of the struggle for freedom and democracy - a lesson in which the teacher will tell and show a video to our students about the events and history of this day.
iCan Club - every Thursday watching movies, board games, and interactive lectures about interesting facts and events in Slovakia.
• Christmas event for our students - we are preparing something very interesting!

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