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for life, studies and business
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Welcome to our language school!
The key objective of the "private language school iCan, 8, Lazaretska str." is to provide students with a quality education in the field of teaching the English and the Slovak languages. The learning process takes place entirely on the territory of Slovakia, and subsequently the knowledge gained during the training is used at local schools and universities, as well as for business and everyday communication.
We are trying our best:
  • to provide students with quality and time-tested training programs;
  • to work with leading teachers who have vast experience in respective areas of their expertise;
  • to analyze the effectiveness of teaching methods;
  • to provide students with everything they need: the nostrification of documents, getting a national visa, comfortable living conditions;
  • to maintain the position of the leading language school for foreigners.


There is the opportunity for all foreigners (without exception!) to study for free at any public university in the country, in case of learning subjects in Slovak. After the completion of studies the students receive European diplomas which allow to employ all over the EU countries.

Higher education in Slovakia is in full conformity with the European and world standards. Certificates obtained in the Slovak universities, are widely accepted and do not need to be confirmed in the EU countries, Canada, the United States and other countries. It gives significant advantages in subsequent employment abroad.

Foreign students living costs in Slovakia are comparable to the financial expenses in the rest of the EU. On average, you can live for 250-300 euros a month. In many state universities in Slovakia students are accepted without entrance exams. You only need to submit a document that you have passed our training courses examination.

Slovak universities are loyal to students from abroad and try to develop this area of their work. To obtain a visa for coming to Slovakia, you need not to undergo complex bureaucratic procedures, since the government's interests include a constant influx of foreign students. A visa will be provided in just 10 working days after the application is filed and the required documentation is submitted to the Consulate of the Slovak Republic.

You can also appreciate the possibility to travel in all EU member states, as the distances to the nearest capital cities of other European countries are short. Students can use the railway transport on the territory of Slovakia for free.

Slovakia is a beautiful and ecologically clean country. Here you can admire the Low and High Tatras, perfectly clear lakes, a lot of medieval castles and ancient cities, as well, to visit resorts. This friendly state openly welcomes its guests and gives moments of relaxation, bliss and peace.

In addition, we want to mention that Slovakia is a country with high living standards and economic development. It has reduced property, nutrition and education prices, and the quality of life is high. For this indicator, the state is at position 36 in the world, ahead of Poland and Lithuania. Of course, living conditions in the Slovak Republic are not supposed to be perfect, but economically it is a prosperous European country. 

Did you know that the education in Slovakia is available at affordable prices? This is indeed the case, as higher education in Europe today is provided by the same rules. Therefore, you will be able to receive a document to be adopted worldwide. In comparison with other European countries, you can study in Slovakia for the lowest possible cost.

You still doubt if it is possible to study in Slovakia and abroad for free? In fact, education abroad is possible on the basis of the certificate and interviews. To open the way for entry into the EU and the leading universities in Slovakia, we suggest you to take a course of English and Slovak at our school. This will allow you later to get free education in EU and Slovakia.

In addition, "Private Language School iCan, 8, Lazaretska str." allows its students to get a national visa due to the courses examination. We also provide consulting support to our students during the entire training! Our teachers and staff understand the complexity of moving to a new unknown country, so directly the programme includes instructions and explanations of the lifestyle in Slovakia. We will teach you not only language but also cultural characteristics, traditions and will try to break all the barriers that exist between foreigners and the Slovaks.

Language studies programmes
Slovak language

The Slovak language is the official state language of Slovakia . It is used for communication, drawing up official documents, it is spoken everywhere - its scope is wide. The educational process in nine out of ten cases is conducted in Slovak language, except in situations with the use of English or other foreign languages ( French, German). Education in the Slovak language is in Slovakia free, even for foreigners.

English language

English remains popular for many years. Studying English abroad is much easier because you have to use it for the communication with others. Among the residents of Bratislava there are a lot of those speaking English due to the close proximity to the borders of Austria and Hungary. You will be delighted by the information about the price of learning English in Slovakia!

I have been working with this company for a long period of time and I'm sure they provide excellent services. I highly recommend to take the courses!
Sergey, Moscow
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